Not a Calorie Clusterf*ck

Over the past six weeks it has become a mission to find alcohol replacements that are:

1) Not depressing, and

2) Not a calorie clusterf*ck

I refuse to give up the booze AND further expand my waistline. The wine already did enough damage and – damn it – the number on the scales is going to go down, not up!

(It’s working, too… more on that in another post)

I came across the cordial in the picture at Waitrose a few weeks ago and it has been a bit of a game changer, especially in the recent hot weather. I loved a G&T in the boozing days – and a splash of this, some slimline tonic, ice (and a few raspberries if you’re feeling fancy) is ace. It has the tart tang of a gin cocktail and the tonic really hits the spot.

Beats a regular, depressing cordial – and it’s also low cal!

(That would be a nice bit of free advertising if anyone read it. You’re welcome, Mr. Frobisher).

~The Sober Curator~


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