Driving Miss Crazy

AKA: The Shop Hop Shuffle James Bond is sometimes considered to be a bit of a problem drinker. This will be no surprise to my fellow problem drinkers. We would probably do well in Her Majesty’s Secret Service, having developed great talents for subterfuge, disguise, misdirection and – let’s face it – for quaffing martinis….

Mother of Flagons

I’m in mourning. Game of Thrones has ended. A friend of mine often refers to me as Cersei. Can you guess why? [SPOILER ALERT: It’s not for my fabulous hair] Goodbye Game of Thrones. Goodbye Wine. It’s the end of an era. ~The Sober Curator~

Not a Calorie Clusterf*ck

Over the past six weeks it has become a mission to find alcohol replacements that are: 1) Not depressing, and 2) Not a calorie clusterf*ck I refuse to give up the booze AND further expand my waistline. The wine already did enough damage and – damn it – the number on the scales is going…

The ‘F’ Word

I was fired. They were at pains to point out that I was not technically being fired, they were just terminating my contract. Apparently this is completely different. No issues with your work, just going in a new direction, a good reference will be provided… but we’re making today your last day. I was definitely…

The ‘A’ Word

I’ve now been sober for six weeks, and nobody could be more surprised than I am that I have made it this far. Of course, as a secret drinker, none of the people around me knew about The Problem, so they wouldn’t have anything to be surprised about. Some probably had suspicions that I might…